A Tribute to and Celebration of Our Barbara Jacobowitz

When it was easier to say “why” Barbara always said, “why not” – when other voices would say, “we can’t” Barbara would respond, “yes, we can,” and proceed to bring stakeholders, community leaders, colleagues, and residents together to answer the challenge. Barbara, not-only “talked the talk”, but indeed “walked the walk” – often leading the charge.

On Sunday, July 7, 2019 Barbara passed away. Although not with us now, Barbara will always surround us with her vibrant and beautiful spirit – challenging us to strengthen and carry on her incredible legacy.

Barbara’s first love was and always would be her family – Irwin, her husband, Melissa, her daughter, her son Josh, and Gomez her beloved dachshund.

However, Barbara’s love and giving sprit did not end with her family – but transcended into the Palm Beach County community where she lived for over 30 years – leading the charge and being the voice for change. Whether it was the pivotal role she played in the fight against HIV/Aids, helping to establish the Domestic Violence Council, or serving as a beloved and trusted mentor for her Keiser University students.

After her seven-year-old son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, Barbara worked diligently to improve the lives of those diagnosed with this disease and those touched by it. With the commitment from Palm Health Foundation, the building blocks of the Diabetes Coalition were established that enabled the start of the Diabetes Coalition in 2010. Barbara is recognized as the founding member of the Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County and in that role, always remained steadfast in her commitment to the Coalition’s mission and vision, serving as the Board of Directors Chair and Chair of the Data Resource Committee.

Those individuals who knew Barbara and witnessed her commitment and selfless giving of her time and energy to Palm Beach County, already know that Barbara was their role model and champion. We want others to know of the incredible heart and giving spirit Barbara Jacobowitz had.

Barbara, we love you, salute you, and vow to continue your work and legacy.

In lieu of flowers, Barbara’s family has asked that memorial contributions be made to the Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County.



The Diabetes Coalition is a voluntary nonprofit alliance of over 50 health care organizations and community partners working together to prevent diabetes and improve the lives of people living with the disease, and those touched by it through awareness, education, advocacy, and access to care.

Our vision is to have Palm Beach County recognized as a national model for controlling and preventing the incidence of diabetes.