It requires many organizations and individuals to significantly improve the lives of people at risk for diabetes and those living with diabetes. We firmly believe, no matter who you are or what you do, you have a role to play in the war to conquer diabetes. Consequently, we encourage you to get engaged with the implementation of the Diabetes Coalition’s strategic plan because if we coordinate our collective talents and resources, we will start to move Palm Beach County closer to being diabetes-free.


  • JOIN the Diabetes Coalition.
  • REVIEW the strategic plan’s goals, objectives and initiatives.
  • COMMIT to one or more strategic initiatives you desire to see achieved.
  • VOLUNTEER to serve on a Diabetes Coalition committee.
  • ATTEND meetings and educational events.
  • PROMOTE awareness of our strategic goals, objectives and initiatives.
  • COLLABORATE and find partners who share your commitment to jointly battling diabetes.
  • THINK of new strategic initiatives and ideas that can help achieve the Diabetes Coalition’s goals. Then, follow through to assist with the implementation.

For more information about getting involved, contact us at


  • Networking opportunities with like minded health professionals
  •  Educational opportunities
  •  Member scholarship opportunity



  • Review agendas and supporting materials prior to meetings
  • Complete work assignments as agreed upon outside of meetings
  • Represent the Coalition’s mission and vision to the public
  • Maintain and develop relationships with elected officials, community leaders and organizations
  • Recruit project-specific partners
  • Actively participate in workgroup committee meetings
  • Assure that the activities and direction of the committees are consistent with the Coalition mission, vision and goals


  • Must serve on one work committee
  • Must attend quarterly meetings, or send a representative (for corporate partners)

*Members may not use the Coalition as a means to solicit their own products or services, or to achieve their own personal agenda.


To become a member or to renew your membership, click on the link below. 

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Membership dues are paid annually and are due April of each year. Annual membership fees are as follows:

Individual                                $ 25.00

Board Members                      $ 35.00

Corporate Membership        $ 250.00

Membership Dues may be paid via PayPal or by check. If paid by check, please make check payable to Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County and mail to: Keiser University, 2085 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, FL 33411 Attn: Barbara Jacobowitz.

Indicate on Check Notation Block, that the check is for: Diabetes Coalition Membership Dues.